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Draft Date: ALL DATES
Use your baseball knowledge to win cash!
Join a Fantasy Baseball Prize League for a chance to win up to $5000 Get Started
NameDescriptionTypeScoringPoolDraftDraft DateMembers
Midwest Finest
From the Midwest - Active playersPublic5x5Both AL/NLLive3/6/15 1PM ET6 of 10Join
Fat Bags Fantasy
Join if you competitive, active all year, no quitters!, must attend draft, trading, no bitching!!!PublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/6/15 2:30PM ET5 of 10Join
Active players who show up for the draftPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/6/15 10AM ET4 of 10Join
Heck yeah
It's fantasy baseballPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/6/15 1PM ET1 of 10Join
Winter Weary Worry Warts
For Renaissance Men and WomenPublic5x5Both AL/NLLive3/7/15 10AM ET6 of 10Join
Brampton Auto Parts Players
Have Fun All YearPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive3/7/15 1PM ET2 of 10Join
Jays 2015
trades galorePublic5x5AL OnlyLive3/7/15 11:30AM ET1 of 10Join
National League Hardcore II
NL only rotoPublic5x5NL OnlyLive3/7/15 10PM ET1 of 10Join
If you can't make the live draft then go somewhere elsePublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive3/7/15 7PM ET9 of 10Join
Lets. Play. Ball.
Ok Blue Jays PublicH2HAL OnlyLive3/7/15 10AM ET9 of 10Join
Red Sox Blow
For all the fans who love to hate the Red SoxPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/7/15 8:30PM ET2 of 10Join
Fantasy Free For All
Any and all welcome!Public5x5Both AL/NLLive3/7/15 8:30PM ET1 of 10Join
Blue Jay 2015
Blue Jay FansPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive3/8/15 1PM ET2 of 10Join
Lets do this, even better
Competitive, no quittersPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/8/15 10PM ET5 of 10Join
Contenders and Pretenders
Highly CompetitivePublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/8/15 10AM ET1 of 10Join
serious players
draft and play to the endPublic5x5Both AL/NLLive3/9/15 1PM ET4 of 10Join
Gunslingers and Cattlemen
For fans of West Coast BaseballPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/9/15 1PM ET5 of 10Join
West Coast Rulz 2
Experienced dedicated fantasy players onlyPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/10/15 10PM ET4 of 10Join
Seattle Mariners fan club
Experienced dedicated fantasy players onlyPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/10/15 7PM ET7 of 10Join
Da Boomsticks
Drop BombsPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/11/15 4PM ET5 of 10Join
Yahoo is better
Draft at 10PM H2HPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/11/15 10PM ET1 of 10Join
Midwest Paradise
Baseball FirstPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/12/15 7PM ET4 of 10Join
i think therefore i am
descartesPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive3/12/15 10AM ET1 of 10Join
Aussie Fantasy League
For Aussies who know MLBPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/12/15 10AM ET1 of 10Join
Oilfield Hands League
Oilfield brotherhoodPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive3/13/15 8:30PM ET4 of 10Join
80s Rockers
Stay active trades have fun!PublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/13/15 10AM ET9 of 10Join
LET'S PLAY BALLPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/13/15 2:30PM ET1 of 10Join
AniManga Fans of MLB 2015
Open to all Anime and Manga OtakuPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/14/15 1PM ET6 of 10Join
Western NC Fantasy Baseball
Fans of NL and the Taheel StatePublicH2HNL OnlyLive3/14/15 11:30AM ET5 of 10Join
The Unnamed League
Experienced CompetitionPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive3/14/15 5:30PM ET3 of 10Join