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Draft Date: ALL DATES
Use your baseball knowledge to win cash!
Join a Fantasy Baseball Prize League for a chance to win up to $5000 Get Started
NameDescriptionTypeScoringPoolDraftDraft DateMembers
2015 Competitive Fun Baseball II
funPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive4/2/15 8:30PM ET6 of 10Join
Big Bucks Baseball
be at the draft and play all yearPublic5x5Both AL/NLLive4/2/15 10PM ET7 of 10Join
Better than you
fun fun funPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/2/15 5:30PM ET3 of 10Join
THE Americal Fantasy Baseball League
Serious and active players only pleasePublicH2HAL OnlyLive4/2/15 11:30AM ET7 of 10Join
The Great US of A - Stand Proud
Lovers of the Great GamePublicRotoPlusBoth AL/NLLive4/2/15 2:30PM ET3 of 10Join
REAL BaseBallPublic5x5NL OnlyLive4/2/15 2:30PM ET2 of 10Join
Lovin the double switch...
Sac bunts are cool too...PublicStdRotoNL OnlyLive4/2/15 5:30PM ET1 of 10Join
Going somewhere, meat?
About 90 feet.Public5x5Both AL/NLLive4/2/15 2:30PM ET4 of 10Join
Western Canadian League 2
Try to show upPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/2/15 1:00AM ET3 of 10Join
Big 12 Conference
Big 12 peeps invited - OU, OSU TU, BU, TCU, TT, KS, KU, IS, WV, PublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10PM ET1 of 10Join
Chicago Fans
Cubs Or White SoxPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10AM ET3 of 10Join
Kids League
League for kids 10 and underPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 7PM ET1 of 10Join
MLB 2015 Home Run Derby
All players welcome!PublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10AM ET5 of 10Join
Fantasy Baseball - 2015
Back back back back gonePublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 1PM ET2 of 10Join
Yankees vs blosox fans
trash talking rivalsPublic5x5Both AL/NLLive4/3/15 7PM ET8 of 10Join
East Coast
It's freePublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10PM ET3 of 10Join
The Legion of Booze
The only league in the world that uses Oreos as a form of currencyPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10PM ET7 of 10Join
StL Cardinal Fanatics
A. Wainwright Fans--Playoff BoundPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 4PM ET9 of 10Join
Beginner Leaague
Just for funPublicStdRotoNL OnlyLive4/3/15 10PM ET2 of 10Join
SEL Steroid Enhanced League
Steroid using slo-pitch superstars league ;)PublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 7PM ET2 of 10Join
PLAY TO THE ENDPublicH2HNL OnlyLive4/3/15 11:30AM ET1 of 10Join
The White Shadows
Pain is weakness leaving the body!PublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10PM ET2 of 10Join
Playing to win
Participate and competePublic5x5Both AL/NLLive4/3/15 4PM ET1 of 10Join
Great League
All welcome.PublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 10PM ET1 of 10Join
2015 Brew Crew
Competitive and funPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 8:30PM ET1 of 10Join
good guys wear black 2015
white sox fansPublicStdRotoBoth AL/NLLive4/3/15 8:30PM ET1 of 10Join
Most Urban
Business CasualPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/4/15 8:30PM ET1 of 10Join
first ten get in
everyone welcomePublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/4/15 7PM ET9 of 10Join
beat an ass or get beatPublicH2HBoth AL/NLLive4/4/15 11:30AM ET1 of 10Join
All the Way to the End
no quittingPublicRotoPlusBoth AL/NLLive4/4/15 1PM ET9 of 10Join